Nobody is born nonviolent

World without Wars and without Violence aims to develop a worldwide commitment to nonviolence as a methodology of action, as a social system and as a lifestyle. Its objective is to achieve a world free of wars as well as physical, economic, racial, religious, sexual, psychological, ecological and moral violence. “Human beings are historical beings whose mode of social action changes their own nature” (Silo). This is the root of both our responsibility and our freedom. And it opens our future.

Nobody is born violent... Or nonviolent for that matter. So Gandhi's "Be the change you want to see in the world" is a great invitation to get rid of the rubbish this violent system has fed us and transform ourselves into the intentional beings that can create the world we all want. See the
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Friday, 7 October 2011

ANVT 12 - Organisation

We live in a system that creates pain and suffering in millions of people who feel isolated because competition and individualism are promoted as the desirable models of personal interaction. This is presented as "freedom" but the register in people is of growing oppression. The system promotes divisions (“divide and conquer”) to prevent a change in its direction. 
Only people who manage to work in cooperation, in networks that nevertheless maintain a sense of individuality and personal growth can develop alternatives that will change the direction of the system and their own lives.  Since violence is the sign and methodology of this system we need to show that the methodology of non-violence can lead to radical transformations in ourselves and our environment.
Given the dangerously irresponsible and irrational behaviour that is observed in some of today’s world leaders, it is important to create a movement of people who become leaders themselves rather than masses following the most charismatic, the richest or the maddest leader of the time.  This is the point of Active NonViolence Training

Based on your personal experiences.

What are the characteristics of organisations that make me feel dehumanised:

What are the characteristics of organisations that help me grow and develop:

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