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World without Wars and without Violence aims to develop a worldwide commitment to nonviolence as a methodology of action, as a social system and as a lifestyle. Its objective is to achieve a world free of wars as well as physical, economic, racial, religious, sexual, psychological, ecological and moral violence. “Human beings are historical beings whose mode of social action changes their own nature” (Silo). This is the root of both our responsibility and our freedom. And it opens our future.

Nobody is born violent... Or nonviolent for that matter. So Gandhi's "Be the change you want to see in the world" is a great invitation to get rid of the rubbish this violent system has fed us and transform ourselves into the intentional beings that can create the world we all want. See the
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

June 2nd. Nuclear Abolition Day

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We are getting ready to celebrate the third year of Nuclear Abolition Day, June 2, a global day of action which calls for the beginning of negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons. This year the international call for action seeks to raise public and political awareness about the threats and risks of current nuclear weapons policies, with over 20,000 nuclear warheads in arsenals around the world. In particular, we are calling on non-nuclear armed countries – the vast majority of the world’s states – to lead the process of ridding the world of these lethal weapons of mass extermination. Building upon the successes of previous days of action, Nuclear Abolition Day 2012 is focusing on the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. Thousands of campaigners will raise awareness about the effects of nuclear weapons and organize gatherings, flash mobs and demonstrations around the world. We aim to replicate the successes of Nuclear Abolition Day 2011. Last year more than 125 events took place in 25 countries and reinforced the idea that civil society is united around one clear demand: a ban on nuclear weapons, which is feasible and urgent. This year different actions are taking place around the world.
  • In Norway thousands of people will gather for a free-style competition.
  • In Sweden a new hub of ICAN will be launched during a big party organized by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,V√•rsyndromet and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.
  • In Bahrain the newly established ICAN hub will launch an educational programme to involve students in the worldwide nuclear abolition efforts.
  • In Israel the Israeli Disarmament Movement, will organize a march demonstrating against nuclear spending and the modernization of nuclear weapons.
  • In the Netherlands IKV Pax Christi is organizing lectures, divestment actions and a bike tour.
  • In Nigeria a forum organized by Churches in Action for Peace and Development will bring together 25 church leaders who will present a statement to the House of Assembly and start the active participation of religious congregations in our campaign.
  • In Australia a Bombs No More art action will take place, involving the transformation of nuclear bomb images into something peaceful
  • In Mexico, the Czech Republic and Italy social media actions will be organized around the video that ICAN produced to raise awareness on the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons.
These are just examples of what is going to happen on June 2. ICAN is grateful for all those committed campaigners who are investing their time, hopes and energy in creating a global and growing movement that to date is present in more than 60 countries worldwide. The effects of nuclear weapons are unacceptable from a moral standpoint and from a rational point of view. They represent an grave risk that civil society is not willing to accept. To register your action and join our call for a treaty banning nuclear weapons, go to

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